Tuition and Fees

Since Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College receives financial support from county, state, and federal sources, students pay only a portion of the total cost of their education. In addition to the tuition listed below, special fees are required in some programs and other specified areas.

Full-Time Tuition and Technology Fees
(12 semester credit hours)*

In-County Residents  (Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties) $2460
(additional hours over 12 credit hours - $205 per credit hour)
Out-of-County Residents $2952
(additional hours over 12 credit hours - $246 per credit hour)
Out-of-State Residents $3960
(additional hours over 12 credit hours - $330 per credit hour)

Part-Time Tuition and Technology Fees
(less than 12 semester credit hours)*

In-County Residents  (Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties)  $205 per credit hour
Out-of-County Residents $246 per credit hour
Out-of-State Residents $330 per credit hour


Registration Fee*
A non-refundable registration fee of $25 is due each semester.

Lab Fee*
Some courses may be subject to a $25 lab fee.

Enrollment Fee*
A non-refundable enrollment fee of $60 will be charged to new students and returning students who have not been enrolled at OCtech for three or more semesters.

Late Fee
The late registration fee will be $50.

Program Fee
Technical Program fee: $125
Arts and Science Program fee: $25

Inclusive Access Fees*
Certain courses at OCtech are Inclusive Access courses. With these courses, the student is charged a course fee in addition to tuition that covers most, if not all of the required textbooks and access fees for the course. This fee covers only the digital components. If a student who is enrolled in the Inclusive Access program would like a print version of the same item, the print version can be purchased in the college bookstore, from the publisher, or possibly a third-party (if available).

Students wishing to opt out of the program must select the “Opt-Out” option in the course content section of D2L. Students MUST have the items covered with all Inclusive Access starting the first day of classes in order to take the course. Please note, simply having a printed copy of the book being used in the course does not give access to the required digital components.

Students that drop an Inclusive Access course prior to the end of published add/drop period, will automatically be refunded the charge. Students dropping courses after the published add/drop period, to include administrative or student initiated withdrawals will be charged the Inclusive Access fee and not be eligible to receive a refund of the course fee.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.