Substituting and Repeating Courses

Substituting Courses

To meet the academic requirements for a degree, diploma or certificate from OCtech, a course similar in content to a required course may be substituted with the approval of the appropriate Academic Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. There must be extenuating circumstances that would prevent the student from taking and successfully completing the required course before approval can be requested.

Repeating a Course

A student may repeat any course; however, there are limitations for students who pay for courses with federal student aid funds. Students receiving federal financial aid are allowed to repeat a course that they have already received credit for only one additional time in order to try to improve their grade.

The complete academic record, including all grades, is reflected on the transcript, but only the highest grade earned in a course taken more than once is calculated in the GPA.

The Veterans’ Administration will not pay educational benefits for repeating a course for which the student previously received credit.

Auditing Courses

Students may enroll in courses for non-credit on an audit basis. During the first five consecutive class days of the term, a student may change to credit status if he/she desires. Students who register for credit may change to audit during the first five class days of the term as well. Changes should be reported to the individual instructor teaching the course, as well as the College Registrar. The tuition fee for auditing a course is the same as the fee for a credit course.