Graduation exercises are held in May, July and December. Students expecting to graduate must file their graduation applications and pay applicable fees according to dates specified on the student calendar. Failure to meet the stated deadline will result in a $10.00 late filing fee and could create a delay in the receipt of the appropriate associate degree, diploma or certificate. All fees and financial obligations owed to the College must be paid before a student can graduate.

A minimum program grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation from a degree, diploma or certificate program. Additional curriculum or divisional requirements, if any, are noted in the individual curriculums elsewhere in the catalog.

It is the responsibility of each student to meet all graduation requirements of the College in his/her particular program of study and to maintain the minimum required grade average.
Student Services counselors and faculty will guide the student, but the final responsibility belongs to the individual student.

All students must complete a minimum of 25% coursework at OCtech. Students may appeal the completion of remaining course requirements to the Vice President for Academic Affairs if required courses are not offered at the College within the last term(s) of enrollment.

The College assumes no obligation in the case of special adjustment if the student fails to file for graduation by the appointed date. If a student fails to receive his/her degree at the time indicated, a new application must be filed. Failure to graduate during the designated commencement requires that an application for graduation be resubmitted and an additional
graduation fee be paid. Arrangements for caps, gowns and invitations will be made through the College’s bookstore.