Course Placement Services

Students will be assigned a faculty advisor who then will be available each semester to help plan a program of courses and will generally be the major source of contact. Some courses are offered only once a year. Faculty advisors can inform students of these, if applicable.

OCtech has adopted The College Board’s Accuplacer Next Generation test to help students succeed in their educational goals for students who do not meet published multiple measures. The Accuplacer Next Generation scores are used to place students in designated entry-level courses or in educational programs designed to upgrade academic skills. The Accuplacer Next Generation is administered on an appointment basis Monday - Thursday. The first testing session
is free of charge, though there will be a fee assessed for the second and subsequent attempts within that five year period. The test scores are only good for five years from the date the test was taken.

Transient students, students applying as a Career Development student and those taking Continuing Education or Community Interest courses are not required to take the Accuplacer Next Generation. If the Career Development student is seeking to take transfer courses, then they will be required to take the Accuplacer Next Generation placement test or meet other designated placement multiple measures criteria. For additional information, contact the Office of Admissions.