College Skills (COL 101 and COL 103)

College Orientation (COL 101) is a 3.0 semester credit hour course available for Associate of Arts students. The course includes selected topics such as career planning, study skill, stress management, tutoring, group guidance and other subjects to facilitate student success.

College Skills (COL 103) is a 3.0 semester credit hour course intended to help students be more successful in college. COL 103 is required of all students who place in at least one developmental course.

COL 103 will be offered each semester/session. Topics recommended by the steering committee are: orientation to the College, effective study systems, use of the Learning Resource Center, reducing test taking anxiety, stress management, the advising relationship, time management, and soft skills. This course will be taught as any other regular curriculum course and follow the same academic criteria.

In addition, the following students are recommended to take College Skills (COL 103):

  1. All students entering college directly out of high school.
  2. All students who have been out of school for five or more years.
  3. All students who are on first-time probation (even though they may have already taken the course).
  4. All students taking a developmental education course.