Academic Assessment Policy

The Assessment Program was developed as a procedure for evaluating the academic capabilities of students seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate. It consists of reading comprehension, writing skills, and numerical skills components. The assessment test is administered at the College on a regularly scheduled basis and is available at supervised Accuplacer Next Generation Testing Centers within the College’s service area. Results are evaluated for placement in courses which are best suited to the student’s individual abilities and needs.

All applicants must participate in the Assessment Test unless they qualify for placement based on the criteria below:

  1. Applicants who provide qualifying ACT or SAT scores, or other multiple measures criteria. Each curriculum of study has designated minimum criteria which are required for course placement.
  2. Applicants for designated certificate programs.
  3. Career Development applicants. Candidates who are applying for admission and are not pursuing a degree or diploma, may be admitted as Career Development students to take specific courses in a technology. and take up to, but not more than, 18 credit hours. Career Development applicants must participate in placement testing if they wish to enroll in University Transfer English and mathematics curriculum courses.
  4. Transfer and readmit applicants who fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Those who have earned a grade of “C” or better in applicable post-secondary reading, social, behavioral or life science, English and mathematics courses. If the applicant does not have a “C” or better in one of the three areas, the applicant is required to take that part of the Assessment Test which is needed for course placement.
    2. Those who have previously taken OCtech’s Assessment Test, including the Accuplacer Next Generation, within five years prior to the start of the term in which they are applying, or possess qualifying ACT or SAT scores.

Contact the Office of Admissions for the most up to date information regarding placement criteria.

Assessment Retest for Applicants Scoring Below Curriculum Entrance Levels

Applicants who do not achieve the minimum score for curriculum entrance may request to schedule a retest. The retest may be scheduled any time during the designated testing times. Applicants, who retake the assessment test and remain ineligible for placement into their curriculum course, may have to start with developmental courses first and then, once completed, begin their curriculum courses. Those who desire a retest will be assessed a testing fee for each

Students are encouraged to make preparations for the Accuplacer Next Generation prior to retesting. The Student Success Center can assist with available test preparation options.